About Us

Welcome to Little Henny.

Here, you will find high-quality accessories for your little one. Each item is made from safe, non-toxic materials providing you with peace of mind as your baby continues to learn, develop and explore the world around them.

In February 2021, I became a new mom to my son, Henry, who is the inspiration behind Little Henny. I’ve quickly learned that parenthood is an extraordinary journey. You experience a love that is like nothing else, you learn new skills (i.e. perfectly reheating coffee, functioning on minimal sleep, doing everything with one hand), and you discover a wide range of baby products and accessories you never knew existed.

My son, like most others, loves to put everything that falls into his hands in his mouth. I knew that I wanted to provide him with safe sensory products that were easy for him to use as he worked on his fine motor skills. After having a difficult time finding local products that satisfied our needs, I set out to create accessories that combine both function and style.

Handmade in Washago, ON, each product has been thoughtfully created with your little in mind as they explore their curiosity and reach each milestone.

Little Henny is committed to providing you with modern, better, and safer products.

Thank you for shopping with us!


Safety is our top priority. Our products are made from materials that are free from harmful chemicals.

Our chewable silicone materials are 100% food grade and BPA, lead, phthalate and cadmium free. Silicone is very durable and can be safely used in the freezer, providing extra relief for your little one's sore gums. 

We also use high-quality maple and beech wood materials that are naturally organic and anti-bacterial when unfinished.

Please find our care and safety guidelines here.